This study deals with evaluation of efficacy of Pashanbhed Choorna in the management of Mutrashmari. The main aim of this particular study was to report the fast acting and cheapest Ayurvedic medicine for Mutrashmari. Study was done in 55 patients who were suffering from Mutrashmari. Drug Pashanbhed Choorna was given to patients in dose of 3 gms twice a day in Apankala (After food) with Koshnajal as Anupana. Study period was of 60 days. The patients were assessed on the basis of subjective parameters i.e. Udarshool, Dahayukta Mutrapravrutti, Muhurmuhu Mutrapravrutti and objective parameters i.e. USG Abdomen & pelvis. The result was satisfactory
Keywords: Ayurveda, Mutrashmari, Pashanbhed Choorna