Cancer is a group of diseases in which there is an abnormal growth of cells that proliferate in an uncontrolled wa y and in some cases, metastasis (spread) occurs. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the Western world, after cardiovascular disease. Established modern treatment includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy etc. With varied prognosis and known untoward effects .In Ayurveda, cancer can be co- related with Granthi (benign or malignant neoplasm) or Arbuda (malignant or major neoplasm). Ayurvedic treatment includes Dietary regimens, Aushadhi Chikitsa-Dhatwagni Chikitsa, Rasayan Chikitsa, Shodhan Chikitsa and Agni karma etc. In this research article, we have tried to compile the scattered information about cancer from various Ayurvedic Samhita, modern text books and published articles
Keywords: Cancer,Tumor, Arbuda, Granthi,Rasayan Chikitsa