This study delves into the profound Ayurvedic concept of Shadvidha Pariksha, which revolves around the holistic state of health . The study draws attention to the spectrum of Rogi Pariksha, encompassing diverse paradigms such as Dwividha Pariksha, Trividha Pariksha, Chaturvidha Pariksha, Panchvidha Pariksha, Shadvidha Pariksha, Ashtavidha Pariksha, and Dashvidha Pariksha. Of particular focus is the Shadvidha Pariksha, which offers a comprehensive view of Roga Pariksha and Rogi Pariksha for accurate diagnosis and prognosis. This ancient technique, expounded by Sushruta, employs a six-fold examination approach. In essence, Shadvidha Pariksha serves as a important diagnostic tool in Ayurveda, providing a deep understanding of the patient's constitution, imbalances, and disease manifestations. By employing this technique, Ayurvedic practitioners can offer personalized and effective treatment strategies aimed at restoring balance and promoting overall well-being.
Keywords: Shadvidha Pariksha, Sparshanendriya ,Rasanendriya