Although there is much advancement in its understanding, cancer is still one among the leading causes of death. . People from every corner of world are having some health problems due to environmental pollution, which leads to oxidative stress. Changed lifestyle is also one of the greatest cause of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress in body increases and we start cellular aging. Many factors are associated for causing the cancer. It may be caused either by external or internal factors or both. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol, exposure to hazardous chemicals, ionizing radiation, infectious organisms, and other lifestyle factors comes in external factors, whereas internal factors include inherited mutations, an imbalanced hormone level, and poor immune conditions. This affect the incidence and mortality of cancer by modifying cellular systems of the organism. Internal factors such as hereditary mutation cannot be modified. Lifestyle and environmental factors are the external factors which need to be modified to control the incidence of cancer. Silent course of pathogenesis of cancer leads to poor prognosis. Early diagnosis therefore is very essential from the prognostic point of view for cancer. Looking at the pervasive nature of cancer, this may be hypothesized that the cause of cancer must be related closely to our lifestyles and environmental exposures. Ayurveda, an ancient health-care wisdom presents its own principles to understand the cause of disease and health. One can choose to remain healthy by following the recommended path for healthy living and even can revert to health. This review presents a comprehensive view of general principles of health proposed by Ayurveda and attempts to see their applicability in the field of cancer prevention
Keywords: Cancer, Ayurveda, oxidative stress, lifestyle, mutation, ionizing